Microwindows setup for the DragonEngine

Software download

Download the latest uClinux distribution and, depending on the distribution version, apply the required patch; see the DragonEngine main page to download the needed pieces of software.


go to the top level directory and type the usual

make xconfig

setup the compilation options (see options section below) then do

make dep; make clean; make

to compile everything.

Compilation options

Kernel Settings
Processor type and features
Initialize LCD Y
Character devices
DragonEngine EEPROM driver Y
DragonEngine Touchscreen driver Y
Virtual terminal Y
Support for console on virtual terminal N see(1)
Console drivers
Frame-buffer support
Support for frame buffer device Y
Dragonball frame buffer Y
Advance low level driver options Y
Monochrome support Y
Vendor / User Settings
Miscellaneous Applications
de2ts-cal Y
lissa Y
Microwindows Y
Verbose Y
NanoX Y
NWidget Y
NanoXDemos Y
NanoWM Y
Screen PixType Packed-8bit-3/3/2
Have File IO Y
Have BMP Support Y
Have GIF Support Y
Have PNM Support Y
Have XPM Support Y
Window UpdateRegions Move Y
Frame Buffer Display Y
DragonEngine TS Y
No Keyboard Y
Nano-X Y
NanoWM Y
NTetris Y
NXclock Y
Slider Y

Test run

the next boot should display the new drivers :

Starting kswapd
fb0: DragonBall frame buffer device
fb0: 320x240x2 at 0x0000dda8
pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
MC68328 serial driver version 1.00
ttyS0 at 0xfffff900 (irq = 2) is a builtin MC68328 UART
ttyS1 at 0xfffff910 (irq = 12) is a builtin MC68328 UART
de2spi: spi2 driver installed.
de2eeprom: eeprom driver installed (c,10,144).
de2ts: touchscreen driver installed (c,10,15).
eth0: cs8900 rev J found at 0x8000040 

logon and run lissa to test the frame buffer driver, this application use only the frame buffer, it displays an animation based on Lissajou figures. If everything is ok, kill lissa then start the touchscreen calibration program :


Hit the screen with a plastic stylus at the bottom-left and the upper-right corner to calibrate, then hit the two small square to verify the parameters, if one of the squares is not clicked precisely, the calibration start over; if both are ok, the new parameters will be display on the console and stored in the eeprom. Once you are done de2ts-cal start microwindows as follow :

nano-X &
nanowm &
slider &

This should run a small game (Taquin), try the touchscreen by hitting the buttons.

(1) Support for console on virtual terminal

If you apply this patch on the linux-2.4.x tree (apply with patch -p0), you may reply Y for the virtual console support, then you should see this screen at boot :

console view